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YOU have the power to change YOUR life!

Let me show you!


About Me

Why am I here on the web? Why would you want to get to know me? Why would you want to work with me?
I’m here because I care and I want you to care too! I’m a Registered Nurse and caring is in my heart and soul—but you don’t need to be a nurse to care about making healthy changes to your life and home! I would love to show you how you can cut out the chemicals in your life that are either making you sick or keeping you from being the best you can be.
You know that feeling when you find the passion for doing what you WANT to do every day? NO? I have and I’m telling you IT’S. THE. BEST. FEELING. Let’s talk about making some changes, they don’t have to be big changes, but I’m telling you, once you start, you will want to keep going and make the “bigger” changes!


My Journey

Be Happy. Be Healthy


My 50+ years on this planet have helped me learn that I am a passionate human being who cares about
others and wants to do well. My life path has taken me down some traditional and some not-so-
traditional roads. I grew up in the Midwest with sisters and a brother and two parents along with
extended family. The values I learned led me to an almost 25-year (whaaat?) nursing career and a
passion for helping others. I have been married for over 30 years and have two beautiful daughters who
are almost 29 years old-yep-twin mom here! I have a beautiful family and am very blessed.

Be Happy

I love animals and my family includes two dogs-Pepper and Jake. Pepper is a rescued Border Collie/Lab
mix and Jake is a Labrador Retriever. Anyone who loves dogs understands the unconditional love you
receive and mine are no exception. Nothing can compare to coming home from a bad day and seeing
those adoring eyes and wagging tails just because you walked in the door. That’s it. Nothing else is
expected. We also have a cat named Kailey who lives outside but don’t worry, she has a heated house
and plenty of love from her family both human and canine. I also have a horse named Reo who lives down the
road and basically eats and---well---you know...she has a great life literally eating in her
pasture all day with a couple of buddies and not having to work at all.

Be Healthy

If you are checking out my website then you are probably interested in my latest endeavors with
essential oils. I have been working with oils sporadically in my nursing career but last year I was
introduced to just how awesome they really are! As I have matured (aka grown older) I realize how
many chemicals I have been exposed to, applied to my body and ingested. YUCK!!! Simply popping an
ibuprofen for a headache has longer-lasting effects than just getting rid of a headache. Applying that
yummy-smelling lotion to my skin might make me smell good for the moment but do you know what is
in those lotions???? You put it on your skin and you have it in your bloodstream, circulating throughout
your body.

What's Next?

I have made the conscious decision to clear out what doesn’t make me happy or healthy and keep what
benefits my health. And I want to share my knowledge with YOU and everyone else! Take some time
and wander around my website. If you share the same passion for cleaning up what’s around and going
into your body, then let’s talk!


Get in Touch