How to Purchase Oils

You have three ways to purchase your CPTG oils! Read through the options first and then click HERE when you are ready!

  • The first way is to simply go to my website and purchase retail. If you don't plan to buy another bottle of oil within the next year then this is the way to go. (I'll be honest-hardly anyone buys retail after I talk to them about the oils!)

  • The second way is to open a membership account which is like a Costco or Sam's Club. You pay a $35 annual fee and get 25% off all of your products! (The second year the fee drops to $25 AND DoTerra gives you a free bottle of peppermint oil! ) Purchasing two more times within the year will give you back that $35 in savings.

  • The third way to purchase will save you the $35 annual fee the first year! Opening a membership account with an enrollment kit gets you a great collection of oils to start off with at a great discount on top of the 25% off and you do not pay the annual fee the first year!


Not ready to commit yet? Let's talk about your health goals and I will gift you a small sample to try-no strings attached! 


No matter how you purchase your oils, you will get access to information and education from me! I will add you to my Facebook group with your permission and you can contact me through messenger or phone/text. Anyone who purchases through me also is eligible for a Free wellness consult where we can discuss your health goals and make a plan to keep you as healthy as you can be!