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365 days....

So what is that in this photo???

Last year for Christmas, I was given a 2020 calendar as a gift. It's the kind where you tear off a page each day to reveal the new one. I loved it because each day was a new saying or fact that encouraged or reminded me to think positive or keep going etc.

Every day I would tear off the page to see the new one and instead of tossing out the old one, I saved each one. Some of them found a home on my bulletin board so I would always see them- "She Persisted" is a great one! Most of them however, stayed in a pile under my computer monitor and of course, the pile grew daily.

So a few weeks ago, when I purged and cleaned my office, (see my last blog) those calendar pages had to go! But before they did, I took the photo above.

They represent 365 days (or is it 366 because last year was a leap year right?) 366 days to do SOMETHING! I wonder if I used those days to my advantage? Did I make decisions that helped or hindered me? Did I live every moment? Probably not, I'm not perfect and last year was, well, you know...

So just to state the obvious....we all get 365 days to do things...lots of things...and when we have done lots of things and we feel like we can't do any more things, then we can rest....

This year is only 2 months old and I hope you are doing all the things and finding new things to do too. I know I am and I cannot wait to fill you all in!

Take care of your awesome self and be healthy!

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