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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes 🎶

Do you get bored easily? Do you feel like you have some kind of attention deficit?

Or was that just me? 🤷‍♀️

At a certain age I started feeling like something was missing or I was missing out. It was a very weird feeling. Going along with the usual routine became very B-O-R-I-N-G. Some people find that comforting but not me. I wanted to shake things up a bit...

What I eventually realized was that I was looking for something. And eventually figured out I wanted changes.


It took awhile but I found out that we all have options in how we care for ourselves and our families. We need to question what is given to us and do our own research whenever possible.

Just because we have done something or taken something or treated something a certain way for a really long time, it does not mean we are required to continue. We can make changes-it’s never too late to try. I know of a 90 year old who recently started using oils!

Those of you who already use oils-think about how many times a day/week/month you use them since you started. What have you replaced with them? What have they added to your life?

For me, the biggest difference is replacing medication I used to take frequently. I no longer used stomach acid reducers or antihistamines. I don’t need them because I use my oils and oil blends. They work and I am not worried about nasty side effects and they are cost effective.

I never used to take supplements regularly either. Once in awhile I would get a wild hair to take the latest vitamin or supplements but I usually quit because I was bored 😐 and didn’t notice any difference. So after about a year of using oils consistently I decided to try the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements and guess what? I have noticed a difference in my energy levels and other things like stronger nails and hair. I am not even taking the full dose and these positive effects are showing up!

If you are ready to make some changes or maybe you are just intrigued and want to hear more-send me a message! You can reach me via email at kimbenoy.naturalpower@gmail.com or go to my website www.kimbenoy.com or you can always find me on Facebook!

Let me help you create a new path to wellness!

Be happy and be healthy!



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