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Some people are very comfortable asking for what they need and/or want. They just ask. Sometimes it's asked appropriately, sometimes it's not. For example, when my kids were little they would ask for friends to sleep over. Sometimes they would ask while the friends were standing right there in front of us and we quickly developed the rule that you could not ask that way. I told them it was an automatic "no" if they did it because it puts me in the spot of having to come up with a reason if I didn't have what they considered to be a good one. So they learned to ask away from the friends and more often than not we had a sleepover. #theycanlearn

I have a difficult time directly asking for what I want and I don't know why. Is it a "woman thing?" Is it a "nurse thing?" No idea.

Now that I am working on building a business, I need to find ways to ask for what I want and need. The challenge is not to sound "sales-y" while I am doing it. My problem is just asking sounds "sales-y" to me even though I know it isn't. #eek

I have stepped outside of my comfort zone so many times this year alone to look for new ways to serve others with essential oils and sometimes it goes really really well and other times it could be better. But every time I learn something new about myself or others and it helps me move forward.

So here goes....

I need to reach more people to talk about essential oils and how I can serve them with these amazing gifts from the earth. I need to teach at least 5 classes before the end of June in order to reach a goal that will enable me to enter a challenge that will help me build even more.

If you have made positive changes by using oils then you know someone else who could get the same benefits. Consider having a class, it's super easy. Just invite some friends over to smell the oils and listen to me talk about how to use them. It's short and fun and even if you have been to a class before, you will learn something new.

Contact me through email or my website to set up a time for your class! I would really appreciate it!!

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