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Hope Springs Eternal

Don't you love that phrase?

Hope Springs Eternal?

In this super loooooooong winter it's the only thing we can hold on to if we are tired of every weather forecast including snowflakes and single digit temperatures. #thinkspring

The amount of snow we have is really crazy! Our two dogs have paths through the yard that they use to do what we call their "surveillance" every day. They start going down the driveway and then into a spot with less snow and work their way around the perimeter of our property. Even dogs have their routines!

In the spirit of finding #positive aspects of this winter I've made a list of things that could be seen as good:

1. The dogs get super tired after a short amount of time outside trying to plow through the deep snow while they play.

2. We have no mosquitoes right now.

3. Cold gives us an excuse to drink hot chocolate more often.

4. People who love to dress in layers have lots of opportunity to do so.

5. People who like skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating have extra time for these activities.

Anyone else have any positive thoughts about this weather?

I have a card on my desk that says "Every positive thought propels you in the right direction." So I'm thinking that all of this positivity HAS to bring spring faster. Right??


Share your positive thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading!


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