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It's THAT time of year....

The calendar turns to December and all holiday he** breaks loose. The shopping, the eating, the baking, the parties...we have roughly 3 weeks from now to get everything done before Santa comes. #holidaystressanyone

Why do we make it so stressful on ourselves-and let's face it-everyone around us? Why do we struggle with finding gifts for people? Does anyone else feel like you have to find THE perfect gift? I do admit that as I have grown older I don't worry about it as much as I used to. As I have-ahem-matured, I find that I take joy in the thought that was put into a gift. I love to read and receiving a book means someone took the time to A) think about what I like to spend time doing and B) taking time to find something I would like to read.

See the common denominator there?

Wait for it...


Did you get it?

Time. (insert congratulatory hand claps here)

Knowing that someone I care about took even a few moments to consider and research something for me makes me so thankful! So I am trying to keep my ears and eyes open to those around me when I start thinking about gifts. Although sometimes I do need to remember to write down the ideas, (#gettingolder) it has been very helpful as this time of year comes closer.

I want to read your ideas for gift giving this year! How do you find the perfect gift for someone? Do you stalk them on social media to see what their "likes" are? Do you call them up randomly and ask questions? Maybe you use the "buddy technique" and talk to mutual friends or relatives? (That one actually works pretty well IMO!)

Leave your comments below to share!!

I hope you all can find TIME in this busy season to just breathe and experience the love and joy that is present now and after the holidays!

If you need some help with that just send me a message. There's an oil for that you know!

Peace and love to you all!

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