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This may be a ranting post so if you don't want to read ranting then feel free to stop here.

Ok so here's my rant....

I will admit I spend WAY too much time on Facebook and other social media and if I didn't then maybe this wouldn't bother me so much. But dang it I am so sick of seeing memes and quotation posts everywhere!!!! Some people don't even post their own words anymore, it's all memes or quotes attributed to someone else and placed in a colored background.

Seriously, the time it takes to find an appropriate meme/quote for what you are wanting to say is probably more than enough time to just say it the way you want to!!! And does posting memes or phrases really contribute to communication or discussion when the only reactions you get are "like" or "love" or "wow"????

And if the quote/meme is a vague negative or obvious complaint about someone then don't you think "Gee, I wonder if that is about me?" Or is it just me??? If it is about me then why don't they just tell me? You know, like with real words and feelings and stuff?

And do you really need to tell the world whatever it is you are vaguely complaining about? If no one understands what it is then what. is. the. point?????

Ok, ranting over for now. I'm going to go douse myself with some Balance oil to calm myself. #rantingover #essentialoilsforthewin #justcommunicate


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