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Moving on...

So I did a thing....I quit my job...well sort of...I cut back my hours to on-call which means I pick up shifts when they need me and if I can. I keep my foot in the door so I can still see my residents who I am going to miss terribly.

I have written about this before, see my first blog post, but now this shi..ahem..stuff is getting real! I have three shifts left this week (but who's counting) and then my schedule really opens up for me to focus on building a business by sharing and educating and doing what I love! I have joined two networking groups to help build connections and have already met some great people to share the journey with. I am doing this thing called "time-blocking" with my planner-basically planning out your day so that procrastinators like me can check things off and #geterdone

Now the real work begins! I have to add another facet of work called business and see what happens. I almost wrote "switch" to another type of work but I'm still a nurse and I still will be using my nursing skills. I'm so excited to see how the two areas of my life will merge and change.

I am also REALLY trying to stay positive and block out negativity because, man, the brain can be really mean! Those little negative Nelly voices pop in sometimes and try to tell me I'm not going to reach my goals. So I'm getting pretty good at blocking those messages and replacing them with other positive thoughts. That's a work in progress for sure!

So I apologize for not having a blog post in awhile, I've been kind of busy but now that I have three more days in the week to #liveeverymoment I will be showing up here more!

Stay tuned!!!


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