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Moving On....

It's August people!!!! Where did the summer go? It's almost fall! Whaaat????

Seriously it's the same thing every year, everyone wants to know where the time went and the truth is, it didn't go anywhere! We all get the same 24 hours in a day!

So why do we get bothered by the fact that time goes so fast? I suspect it happens when we take a look back and realize that we didn't accomplish what we wanted to do. Or is that just me? #lookinthemirrorfirst

I am a very task-oriented person who loves to make lists and then check things off; sometimes I write things down AFTER I did them just to check them off the list #sorrynotsorry I have been very diligent about planning out my week ahead of time, I literally sit down with my planner and write out which day I plan to do what and MOST of the time I stick to it #timeblocking Sometimes I don't get something done on a day so I just draw a little arrow to the next day #problemsolved and carry on.

But what about the other days where the most you get done is breathing and eating? The to-do list sits there without any pretty little check marks (if you even look at it at all). Maybe you are in your pj's until noon (or later) and you eat cereal for supper.


We all need those "nothing" days where we don't get anything tangible done. Your body and mind are telling you that you need a break and today is the day to take it. So sit back and just breathe and let the list go for now. Unless your list includes the task of saving the world from immediate destruction from something like a meteor crashing into it and you have a giant shield that will prevent it-you're fine to take a day off. I promise.

If you would like some help with time-blocking leave me a comment or send me an email at kimbenoy.naturalpower@gmail.com. I would love to help you figure it out!


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