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Summer time...

Well, technically it's not quite summertime but we are close and we have had summer temperatures here in western Wisconsin! We even hit 90 this week! #summertime #okwithheat #bringonsummer

As I write this I can hear a bird in the tree outside my window chirping away...love that! People are mowing the lawn (or cutting the grass depending on where you live).

We are trying to figure out our summer plans, hubby and I go to Milwaukee every summer to catch a couple of baseball games and usually have that set up by now. Oops.

My girls and I are having another YOLO road trip this summer-we are driving to Tennessee to see some friends for a weekend. Cannot wait!

I'm planning to go to the DoTerra convention in September in Utah. Hooray!

I've also got road trip plans to see a friend in North Dakota and I will also being teaching an oils class there.

If you follow me on Facebook at all you know that I am working on a DoTerra challenge qualification and I need to reach more people! To boost my team I am offering a referral program and an awesome drawing for a diffuser and free oils! Check out my website or Facebook page for more details. I would love to talk to you more about getting started!

What are your summer plans? Leave me a comment below! I want to know what everyone else does all summer!


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