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Ugh...just ugh.

I don't know about you but I'm frustrated. Super frustrated with the world. Super frustrated with information. Super frustrated with this damn virus that has stopped the world...or is it people that have stopped the world...I don't know.... #ugh

I have always been a huge supporter of doing your own research-do not believe everything you hear or read-even if it is something you agree with. #doyourownresearch

Did you catch that? Even if you agree with what is written or said-and I don't care where it's coming from-verify and check it yourself. Too often we just regurgitate what we want to believe without acknowledging that it could be wrong. Then someone else repeats it and then someone else repeats it.......and lo and behold down the line it turns out those facts are not exactly what you were told.

I'm frustrated that people are so focused on sides and who is right and who is wrong. #juststop We seem to have this vital need to place blame for everything and that my friends is negative energy. The last thing we need right now is negative energy so again #juststop.

I've been trying to post a positive thought everyday on my social media and I'm not going to lie--it's getting tougher-but I'm going to keep trying. And trying. And trying. #positivethoughts I'm oiling up-using my essential oils by diffusing or applying-citrus oils I'm looking at you! I'm spending virtual time with family and friends and I CANNOT wait to be able to hug people again. I've turned off my TV-especially in the morning when the "news" is on-I just can't. I scroll past social media posts that obviously have the intent of dividing and blaming. I go outside and notice things-things I probably didn't notice much before. If you sit outside right away in the morning you will hear so many different bird songs you will be amazed! Try it! Get up before the sunrise and watch it!

What are YOU doing to find positive energy? Please share in the comments! We all need this right now!

If you are having trouble finding positivity I would love to help! You can email me at kimbenoy.naturalpower@gmail.com or find me on facebook or instagram. If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can help you feel more positive I would love to get a sample to you. I'm here to help!

Be happy and be healthy!

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