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What’s the big deal about essential oils? 🤔

Well I’m glad you asked!

Many people have been learning about the benefits of using oils but the truth is that people have been using them for years. I offered them to my patients in my work as a hospital RN years ago without really thinking much about it. Lavender for pain and peppermint for nausea was the extent of my oils knowledge. Fast forward to two years ago and a whole new world opened up to me as I joined doTERRA to make a few extra dollars.

I learned where they come from, how and why they work and most importantly, how to use them safely! #safetyfirst

I learned that I have a responsibility to educate everyone I talk to about the safest ways to use oils and I take that responsibility very seriously. While I can’t control what people do after I am done talking to them, I am confident in my ability to provide them with proper education and access to resources that I trust. Offering ongoing education is also a high priority to ensure the best possible experience and results.

This journey for me is no longer just a way to make some extra money-it is a passion to offer options to people who are ready to create a new path to wellness! I happen to be working with a company that creates a positive culture for its customers and employees as they offer the best quality oils in the world! #doterra

If you are someone who has never tried essential oils or maybe you are like me and didn’t know what they can do, I would love to offer you a sample!

For a small fee of $5 I will send you a sample of doTERRA Lavender essential oil along with important information about how to use it. Send me an email (kimbenoy.naturalpower@gmail.com) with ”sample” in the subject line and I will respond with instructions.

****If you already have a membership account with doTERRA or you are working with another Wellness Advocate, I respectfully ask that you do not request a sample. #playnice

I would love to add you to my email list as well so check out my website and if you like what you see subscribe to my email list and join the oily fun! Your inbox won’t get bombarded with messages, the most I send out per month is 2-3! My website can be found at: www.kimbenoy.com

Until next time...be healthy and be happy!

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